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LICENSED | INSURED | BONDED | STATE-REGULATEDDel Professional Healthcare is a provider that is licensed by the commonwealth of Virginia. Our goals are to serve adults who struggle intellectually and developmentally in the Northern Virginia area.We have built our environment into a home like settings where we provide the ideal and ultimate lifestyle for individuals who require Activities of Daily Living (ADL'S) and general supervision. We support our individuals and families by delivering top-notch care services.

Meet The CEO

DPHC is a privately owned organization founded by an award winning foster parent in Prince William County. As a qualified nurse and foster parent, she has great passion for individuals with IDD and medical needs. Having practiced as a nurse for over 10 years with 12 years of experience at VDSS, she decided to contribute to making her community better. Virginia state provided the opportunity for group homes when the state moved away from a system of institutionalization and this paved the way for DPHC to be established.

ceo head shot
ceo head shot
Victoria Obeng
to provide the best quality
of care
for our
individuals to enable
them to live their lives
to the fullest

Our Mission

At Del Professional Healthcare valueing our individuals, means giving an exceptional level of care.
To this end, our individuals have a comprehensive individualized care plan and are assisted by well-trained professional and medical staff.

Our Vision

We strive to create a positive impact on our clients&quote; lives by provideing them with the hightest quality care possible, and by doing so, we hope to become a trusted and valued partner in their care journey.
to be the leading provider of private home care service, recognized for ou excellece in care and commitment to our clients' well-being.

Our Values

Healthy and Safety

Staff works closely with all the medical teams of everyone we support to ensure the best care and that they are in good health. We monitor medical needs daily and keep recorded documentation as well as implement all necessary personalized protocols and provide training to enhance consistency throughout the program.

Community Integration

Our individuals are encouraged to engage in diverse community activities in effort to keep individual integrated in community and maintain or enhance social skills.

Dignity and Respect

We believe that the individual should have control of their own decision making and be well respected by staff. We encourage individuals to participate in meetings with staff to discuss concerns, activities of their own interest and services or ways staff could improve with care. We encourage these things to ensure that every individual is being heard and to build independence.


We provide open, honest and frequent communication to involved family members. We encourage family involvement and value their opinion and ideas as part of our team to provide to the best possible care for the individual

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